Mobile Advertising

According to the Office for National Statistics, nearly half of all UK Internet users go online via their mobile devices. As a result, mobile advertising is becoming ever more popular as advertisers realise the potential of advertising to these users. Mobile advertising allows you to reach your target market whether they’re at home, on the train, out shopping, enjoying a night out, or on their way to a business meeting. It’s a quick and easy way to reach your target market and grab their attention.

Mobile advertising with Adzuum

With our Pro package, we provide eye-catching banner advertising on mobile apps and mobile websites, managed free-of-charge. We identify which audiences to target across a range of mobile platforms and devices and secure space on top mobile sites and popular apps. As with all our packages, we’ll send you regular reports so that you can monitor the results from your campaigns quickly and easily. It’s free to create an account with Adzuum and there are no monthly fees or management fees.

Social Advertising

Social media websites are amongst the most popular websites on the Internet. Facebook alone has over one billion monthly active users. So whatever sector you operate in, it’s likely that your target audience is using social media websites.

The great thing about social media websites is that they provide a wealth of data about each individual user, from their age and gender to their marital status, geographical location, hobbies and interests. This means advertisers can build a very clear picture about users and only display their ads to those users that perfectly fit their ideal demographic. Your advert will appear on screen to specific users and can link directly to your website or Facebook fan page. You only pay when your advert is clicked and the result is highly-targeted, cost-effective advertising.

Social advertising with Adzuum

Social advertising is included with our Standard and Pro packages and is managed free-of-charge. We’ll create effective ads and can target people by age, location, gender or interests to ensure your ad reaches exactly the right audience. We’ll talk to you about your target audience and use our extensive knowledge and expertise to identify further potential target audiences and ensure you are maximising every opportunity. Our regular, comprehensive yet understandable reports will show how your campaign is performing day by day. Creating an account with Adzuum is free and we’ll never charge a monthly fee or management fees.

Search Advertising

Search advertising is a great way to reach the people who are looking to buy your product or service right now.

Using Google’s sponsored link tool, we ensure your website appears in a prime position within the search results when the user is searching using particular words or phrases.

Google’s advertising network means your ad reaches a wide but relevant audience. We’ll agree how much you want to pay per click and you’ll only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

We can create different ads for different search terms so that the ads people see are precisely targeted to the search terms they are using. You’re only advertising to people who have already entered the buying cycle and have an interest in your products or services, making it a really cost-effective way to advertise.

Search advertising with Adzuum

Search advertising is included with our Basic, Standard and Pro packages, and is managed free-of-charge. We’ll create winning ads, identify the search terms you need to target and then carefully adjust your budget to get you the optimum number of clicks for the best price. We can programme your ads to appear at strategic times throughout the day and can target users geographically. Our clear and simple reports allow you to monitor your return on investment at any time. And with Adzuum creating an account is free with no monthly fees or management fees.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is a simple and effective way to raise brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. Thanks to the latest real-time bidding technologies, advertising space can be purchased and displayed in real time, based on user profiles, rather than having to book space in advance.

Real-time bidding platforms collect valuable data about users to build a picture of their interests and preferences, and identify the products or services they may be ready to buy. This gives advertisers valuable insights about website visitors, making it easy to determine exactly who to display adverts to. The real-time bidding system matches advertisers to visitors and the advertiser with the highest bid wins the ad space. Thanks to the latest technologies, all of this happens within a fraction of a second.

Display advertising with Adzuum

We’ll take care of every aspect of your display advertising from setting the maximum bids and budgets to determining your ideal customer. The system then automatically bids for relevant space in real-time so you target the most valuable prospects at the price you are prepared to invest to secure the best results. We can even tailor the ad message to specific audiences.

With regular, easy-to-understand reports, you can easily track how your display advertising is performing and our dedicated team of experts is on hand to answer any questions you may have at any time. And remember creating an account is free with no monthly fees or management fees.